A Rant for My Current Overwhelmed Condition

Starting to feel sick.. litterally mual dan eneg too many unfinished business to deal with. What should I do? What can I finish first, now?

Bad sleeping habit is recycling, leads to bad fajr habits also, leads to no ngaji before dhuha, leads to not enough spirit to hustle, leads to bad habits; trying to find comfort or a distraction by playing games, which leads to too much games and social media also. There are too much un-needed information still in social media,and since my condition is in wreck now, I got overwhelmed by all those information, and it’s starting to kill me.

And now I feel sick.

I can’t kick myself to hustle completely. I finished learning Love Whisper, on the bright side. So I didn’t stop myself completely. So I guess when it is getting overwhelming, we do need a hobby to keep us productive.

And thanks to writing it down, now I feel like I am still able to accomplish something, even in my curremt state, so I just need to put in a little bit more effort to start accomplishing the other-more-important-stuff.


Now I’m starting to visuallize a perfect place for me to start hustling again. I’m going to a cafe, buy some coffee or maybe some donut, and set up my long-untouched-laptop (no matter how hard I was forcing myself to).

I just think that I need a quiet private place for myself for now. It was never a private and peaceful. Since I used the family room for my office, and everyone passes there to go to their own rooms (which I don’t have for myself currently either). I’m also especially distracted everytime someone passes, and most of the time, that someone will make a conversation with me.

Yeah, I know. I just realized how unproductive it has been for me either.

Ok. It’s decided! Time to start! I’m going to set my to-do list, and I’m going to go to work, while I treat myself with some comfort, good food, and some private time on my own. I might be able to think clearer this way.

I think I do deserve some good treat for myself, since I never stop doing and treating for others, that I forgot to do it for myself. The money spent might be also an investment for me to be even more productive and to be able to earn more. Insya Allah, bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim.

Wish me luck guys!

Cheers and good luck!

Tika Soedarto ❤


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